Have you got any old £1 coins in your purse or piggy bank? If you do, it’s time to hunt them out as they will not be legal tender for much longer.

With that in mind, if you have any old £1 coins sitting around, why not consider donating them to LNBP Community Boating?

The coin – which has been in circulation for more than 30 years and replaced the £1 note – will soon lose its legal tender and will go out of circulation at midnight on Sunday 15th October.
Unlike old paper notes – which can be posted to the Bank of England at any time – once the deadline has passed you will not be able to spend your old round £1 coins.

So why not think about donating those coins to us here at LNBP Community Boating.
Every £1 – old or new for that matter – which is donated will go to our Bursary Fund, which is in place to help people and groups that may be interested in a canal boating holiday experience but may not necessarily be in a position to afford it.
So your donation is guaranteed to go towards helping a young person enjoy the beauty and benefits of a canal boating holiday experience with us.

How to donate


  • Drop your old £1 coins in to our collection buckets. They can be found on our boats and will be visible during our Braunston to Birmingham and back trip
  • Attach your £1 coin or coins to a card or piece of paper and send them to either Peter Page (Chairman) or Karl Quinney (Press/Media Officer). Contact details are here (A bit of advice if sending by post: The contents of an envelope must be snug in it e.g. the card must be the same size as the envelope with no room for movement. Better still use a Jiffy bag!)

Just think, your £1 can help fund a young person enjoy a short break or holiday canal experience with us in 2018 or years to come that they may not have had opportunity to otherwise. And the benefits from that experience could be life-changing for them.
Thank you for your support

If you would like further information about what we do and perhaps joining us as a volunteer, please contact Peter Page or Chris Woodward.

Peter Page [Chairman]
Telephone: 07966 035 804 or Email: chair@lnbp.co.uk
Chris Woodward
Telephone: 01892 689 700 or 07905 928 598 or email: chris.woodward7@btinternetcom