It is always great to hear our client groups have enjoyed their trips with us. See below to see a sample of some of the testimonials, lovely comments and feedback we have received from groups who have booked with us.

Just to let you know we had an amazing weekend on Guinevere and Lancelot.Brian and Martin were great, letting the Guides have a very active role in everything.We were blessed with the weather. The canal was quiet and we all had an amazing experience. Very exhausted now!Thank you to all at LNBP for an amazing opportunity. We look forward to a return visit. The Guides were already asking when that might be on our home journey!

Catherine Spiers 1st Chandler’s Ford Guides

I wanted to thank you all so much for a great day out last Wednesday.

As I’m sure you could tell the group thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It gave the opportunity to experience an activity that many had not ever done before, so this in itself was a great achievement.“The group have stated that they would love to come again next year if there is the chance.

Rosie Santhiapillai – Olympus Care Services

Thank you for organising and putting on the special day for our Young Adult Carers. They loved it!

Trevor Froggatt – Northamptonshire Carers

I cannot thank you all enough for making my little band of Beavers happy.

We had such a fantastic experience and my Beavers were positively bouncing with excitement & stories. Nigel was amazing in his efforts to accommodate us.

Despite Long Buckby being close to Whilton, Crick, Braunston and Napton Marinas, I had never been successful in being able to take them on a trip.

Some of the children were studying canals as a topic at school so it was particularly interesting for them to understand the history and construction of the canal which you can only appreciate ‘hands on’.

The chaps that took us out were so lovely and patient. They allowed every Beaver to steer (not sure if that’s the right word) the barges and answered the endless questions with a smile and good humour. Thank you so much.

Jo Grey – Long Buckby Beavers, Northamptonshire

Today was a relaxing, joyful experience!“At the beginning of the trip, I thought the trip was going to be boring, but the lovely volunteers changed my mind!

I got to steer the boat, and lock/unlock the locks! It was good fun going across them and facing my fear of heights.

We went under this dark scary tunnel, whichwas over 1 mile long! It was terrifying and fun! I was in the front of the boat, it was like we had an up close and personal experience.

When we left our guardian locked herself out of the car. The garage came to fix it, but it didn’t work. The volunteers helped us through everything, they brought us dinner, because the money was locked ion the car!

It’s great company and hospitality.“The people that work here are angels! I recommend this to everyone and anyone!
Thank You!


Till today I have never experienced a canal trip. I thought we werejust going to sit on a canal boat. But instead we got given chances to steer and operate the locks.

The volunteers gave us freedom to wander up and down the canal boat.

One of the things that will stick in my mind is the longer tunnel I have every gone through. The first time we went through we werehaving our lunch and it smelt a bit. Then on the way back we got a chance to stand up next to the volunteer who was steering the boat.

This is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.Thank you to the volunteers, LNBP company. Hope to see you all soon.

Amy-Beth (Young Carer)

Today was an amazing experience at first I thought it was going to be boring! Then we were given the chance to walk around the board, then we actually got to steer the boat!

They also gave us a chance to open the locks. Therewas also a tunnel which waspitch black (it dripped in my lunch) but I didn’t care! And on the way back through the tunnel we were allowed to watch the volunteers steer the boat through.

I thought that on our trip the hospitality of the volunteers was brilliant and they were really kind to us kids! And I think everyone should come here for a fun and educational days(s) out.

Hannah (Young Carer)

The Friendly Club members would like to thank LNBP for a delightful boat trip from Braunston to Napton on Tuesday. Brilliant!

The Braunston based LNBP took 17 Friendly Club members on a wonderful boat trip from Bottom Lock Braunston to Napton Turn. A huge thank you to Peter, Nigel, John and John for giving up their time to treat us to a very special trip.

Braunston Friendly Club

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