LNBP Community Boating at Braunston is reliant on the efforts of volunteers who give their time to ensure the smooth running of the organisation and the canal boat experiences we provide.

We are always keen to welcome new volunteers to our organisation and have a new vacancy for a Volunteer Fundraiser.

To actively raise funds for the Project primarily for its overheads and maintenance of the boats and be aware and receptive to possible bursary fund support.
Duties can be covered in a couple of days monthly, unless new research becomes necessary.
Skills: Basic Administration, good oral and written ability; familiar with the use of websites, Word and Excel.
Duties to include the following, but these may be amended or updated in accordance with Project needs:

  • Annually review previous requests for funding.
  • Peruse the “Trust funding” website for possible new approaches and updates on previously researched funders.
  • Discuss and actively seek new avenues for funding with the Trustees.
  • Follow up any suggestions for new funding sources. Seek sponsorship from Companies or individuals.
  • Co-ordinate funding requirements for any major capital needs.
  • Report regularly to the Trustees and attend some Executive Meetings and prepare annual budget figures in November.

For further information and a copy of the full Job Description, please contact the Recruitment Administrator, Don Hearn, by telephoning 01525 838619 or emailing him at dh.lnbp@btopenworld.com.