We often get asked what we do, who we did it with and where
They are natural enough questions and ones we always have pleasure in answering and telling people about the work we do.
So here goes.
LNBP at Braunston is a voluntary non-profit making organisation, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee.
Each year, the Project provides the opportunity for inexpensive holidays aboard its two 70’ fully equipped boats for up to a thousand people throughout the country from schools, colleges, uniformed organisations, young carers, youth clubs, churches, Community groups, groups working with the less able, partially sighted and those who are unemployed.
For many who have enjoyed holidays and trips with us, it has been a life changing experience, as often it is the first time away from home enabling them to discover the magic of the waterways and their heritage.
There are many who are disadvantaged whom the Project is able to help through the Bursary Fund, which is financed by Membership to the Project and the generosity of Donors.
Our aim is to bring about positive and permanent changes in attitudes and expectations that our partners can build upon, and which encourage them to take steps that will improve their future prospects. To help them to develop new skills, encourage team work and build self esteem.
There is a wide range of activities and interests for everyone, including

  • navigation and route planning for the journey,
  • steering a boat through the open countryside,
  • working the locks and experiencing the tunnels,
  • discovering a world rich in resources,
  • discovering local and natural history as well as canal architecture,
  • shopping,
  • cooking,
  • learning to live together.


Everyone involved with the charity is a Volunteer; there are 9 Trustees who meet in London each month and administer the charity; 14 qualified Skippers who operate our two fully equipped 70’ boats from Braunston in Northamptonshire. In addition there are non-executive members who support and contribute to the success of the Project.

In short, our mission is
·         to provide inexpensive Residential and Day Canal Boating Trips to people of all abilities and means.
·         to promote an accessible and welcoming environment that encourages learning, volunteerism, and community spirit.
Our vision is to provide instruction and access to recreational canal boating for all without regard to financial station with the facility designed to:

  • Build self-esteem;
  • Broaden horizons;
  • Advance environmental awareness;
  • Nurture a true sense of community in which the diversity of the environment is respected and encouraged.

Together, we can make a difference to help others achieve their potential.

To talk to us about bringing your community group or organisation, or school party aboard to experience life on the canals here in central England, head to our Contact page here.  
We are always happy to discuss any particular requirements and answer any questions you may have.