The arrival of 2021 brings a sense of excitement and achievement for us as LNBP is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Despite everything that has gone on in the last 12 months (and still with us) with Covid-19, the achievement of reaching the milestone of our 40th birthday is something we are proud of and intend to celebrate and reflect on widely in the coming year.

For four decades we are proud to have been introducing community groups and organisations young and old to the delights and benefits of our inland waterways. In that time, we have welcomed so many people – young and old – to our boats it is hard to put a number to.

But that is just one thing among many we hope to look back at in the coming 12 months, as well as bringing together other facts and figures, stories, photos and other memorabilia spanning the last 40 years.

Keep an eye and bookmark our website as there will be lots to follow here and on social media during the course of 2021.

And look out for an opportunity to share your memories and recollections with us all.