As part of LNBP’s 40th anniversary year we are looking back at our history over the last four decades, and interested to hear from you!

We are looking to gather together some personal memories from people that either have been or are still actively connected with LNBP of their time and experiences with the project.

Essentially we are hoping to pick up and collate stories and recollections to tell and share that were perhaps funny, sad, poignant, heart-warming or significant in some way; or just recollections of small special moments which have made people smile and think what they were doing was all worthwhile.

With that in mind, would you be interested to contribute in some way?

There’s no timescale or deadline for all of this; it is more of an ongoing work across the year.

So if you are interested to contribute and share some of your memories, we would love to hear from you whenever may be convenient.

And if you have any photos too, I would love to receive them as well.


To share your memories, any information and photos, contact Karl via email at or call him on 07775 883102