LNBP Community Boating were pleased to welcome Braunston Primary School to the canal side recently for what was a wonderful day with the pupils and their teachers.
Back in September, Ms. Sawyer, Year 4 Teacher at Braunston Primary School contacted LNBP to enquire if they could take a look at a narrow boat as part of their history project.

Keen to help, LNBP offered them the use of a boat for a day for the children to experience the canals from their own village.

Following an exchange of paperwork documents, a homework sheet was sent to the children to research aspects of the history of the canals, questions ranging from what is the difference between a river and a canal to why did Navvies drink so much beer.

To the big day itself. On Monday 8th October, LNBP’s Bookings Officer Nigel Smith went into the school and delivered a talk to the children concerning canal history, as well as providing them with a safety briefing to the children.

Following that, it was time to get outside and by the canal.  Braunston Primary School is a short distance from the top of the village down to the canal and on a beautiful day like it was it is a lovely stroll. A walk from school to the Braunston Stop House was made by the teachers and ten children to meet up with one of our boats, Lancelot. The children were taken in groups of 10 at a time from the Stop House along the canal towards Napton to the winding hole and back to Braunston.

As well as watching the world go by, waving to passers-by and other boats, and spotting various animals and nature, all of the children were also given a chance at steering under the supervision of Peter Page, LNBP Chairman.

After the trip and saying our goodbyes, for the pupils it was back up the hill and back into the classroom, no doubt ready to tell their schoolmates and later their mums and dads of the great time they had (the big smiles on the boats reflected that).

Overall it was an extremely enjoyable day had by all, not least by Nigel and Peter from LNBP. The pupils of Braunston Primary School were a wonderful, friendly, inquisitive and well-behaved group and a credit to the village school.

A huge thank you to them and also Ms. Sawyer for arranging the visit and trip with us

And it seems they have been busy back in the classroom, with some wonderful ‘thank you’ letters being sent to us.

Click the gallery below to see just a sample of some of the great letters we have received.