We all know the Covid-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on communities and the wider waterways economy (including ourselves).  And LNBP want to do something to help.

Thanks to Aviva Community Fund and Crowdfunder, LNBP recently set up their own dedicated fund to provide short breaks for those affected by the pandemic, particularly through unemployment, loneliness or by being a key worker. Our boats – and the trips and short breaks that can be enjoyed on them – will provide those in the community with the opportunity for relaxation and to improve their mental well-being.
 However for this to happen we need your support!
Our dedicated fund is only available for a limited time and now has only seven days left to run.
You can donate from as little as £10.00 with all donations also eligible for Gift Aid. Donating through Gift Aid means charities such as ourselves can claim an extra 25p for every £1.00 that is donated.
Please take a minute to find out more about our crowdfunding initiative and donate via the link here
Aviva Community Fund