If you are thinking of donating to charity instead of Christmas cards this year, why not consider donating to LNBP Community Boating?

It was back in 1843 that the first Christmas card was sent by Victorian entrepreneur Sir Henry Cole as a time-saver for writing individual letters to send good wishes for the festive season.
But today many people – for one reason or another – are finding writing and then sending Christmas cards is no longer the most convenient way to deliver a festive greeting. While posting Christmas cards remains a tradition in the UK, an increasing number of people are choosing to send e-cards to family and friends on social media instead.
And this year the growing trend of the last few years now sees many people do away the idea of sending cards altogether on a point of principle.
Instead many people are tapping into the trend of combining sending e-cards with charity donations, and helping charities at the same time. More people than ever are now donating money they would usually spend on sending Christmas cards directly to charity instead.
And here’s where you can help us here at LNBP Community Boating.
If you are not sending Christmas cards this year, why not consider donating in lieu to us instead?
All donations we receive throughout the year enable us to continue our work and provide a young person with the opportunity of a short break or holiday on our boats that they may otherwise may not be in a position to afford and enjoy.
So if you are not intending on putting pen to card and envelope and filling up the postbox this year,  instead why not donate a little to LNBP and help put a smile on a young person’s face.

To find out the ways you can donate, click here
If you have any queries or require any further information about donating to LNBP or what we do, please do not hesitate to contact any member of our team – our contact details are here