LNBP Community Boating enjoyed a bit of time not only on the region’s waterways this morning but also the airwaves with coverage on local radio.

As part of the trip in taking Guinevere along to this weekend’s Crick Boat Show, we welcomed BBC Radio Northampton’s Breakfast Show reporter James onboard to join us from Norton Junction down to and through Watford Locks.

During the course of the Show between 7:00 and 9:00am, James kindly interviewed our crew live on air at several points and recorded a couple of segments for later broadcast, and even took to the tiller to have a go at steering the boat whilst live on the Show..much to his anxiety!



If you missed the Show, you can hear a playback of James talking to Denise, Paul and Kevin on BBC Radio Northampton’s Annabel Amos Show via the link HERE

(starting from about 1:24:00, and about every 20 minutes thereafter)

Interview segments are:

  1.  1:24:00 to 1:31:10
  2. 1:53:23 to 2:00:06
  3. 2:25:49 to 2:30:11
  4. 2:52:30 to 3:00:53


There is also a segment with our Press and Media Officer Karl on the Tim Wheeler Afternoon Show HERE




Many thanks again to James for joining us, it was a pleasure to have you, and to BBC Radio Northampton for the opportunity.