Paul Johnson provides a few notes on a busy weekend of work at our annual Dewinterising weekend

“Work commenced early afternoon on Friday with the first arrivals of the team, with one of the first jobs required was to ensure that at least one of the boats was habitable for overnight.
The water tank was filled for use on Guinevere whilst Lancelot’s water tank was filled with a disinfectant to soak overnight. With both boat engines running, the temperature was slowly brought to a habitable level for our ‘sleep over’.
Before long we had the curtains being rehung, pillows brought aboard and pillow protectors applied. With that done, we retired to the local youth club for sustenance and liquid refreshment before getting some sleep ahead of a busy day to follow
Saturday was a cold start to the day, particularly as the gas had run out overnight and thus the heating was off.
Thankfully spirits were lifted when breakfast was delivered and cooked – a fine full fry-up to build us up for the day.
Further reinforcements to the work party team arrived and numbers were up to strength with nine bodies on site ready and able to go.
Tasks undertaken were everything from

  • full engine checks
  • full inventory
  • checking of all boat systems
  • complete wash of the outside of the shell of the boat
  • flushing of water tanks to remove disinfectant
  • washing of interior and exterior of all windows and seals scrubbed
  • washing of all kitchen equipment
  • all bunks hovered under mattresses and mattresses wiped
  • boats hovered from bow to stern.

The majority of tasks were completed by late afternoon, therefore most of the working party left for home.
Peter Page however remained to continue flushing the water tanks and fettling the boats.
Overall it was another fantastic effort from our volunteers to get Lancelot & Guinevere ready for the new season. And a huge thanks are extended to everyone for their help and efforts over the weekend!
We are ready and set to go for the 2016 boating season”

Catch a glimpse of our team hard at work by heading to our photo gallery of the weekend here.