Crick Boat Show – a View from the Show Campers Site

Sunday 31st May 2015 | Events, News

LNBP at Braunston’s Derek Edwards provides a view from the Camp Site at the 2015 Crick Boat Show

I was on site soon after 10 am on the Friday morning; our pitch had already been marked out for us so unlike previous years this was one less job to do.

Paul Iverson and Ian Mellor already had their cars on the camping site as they were involved with delivery of the trip boats, but no tents set up. As it had been arranged for 240 volt electric hook up for our caravan, I had expected to find our camping area close to the organisers’ area, so was surprised to find that we were right at the back of the field. Electric hook up appears  to have been much in demand this year as the whole of the centre two rows of pitches were taken up by those on the hook up and we were at the end of the line.  In reality an excellent position as we were the furthest away from the generator which although very quiet could have been an annoyance to those under canvas had we been closer.

Our camping arrangements were very much the same as last year with Boz assisted by Andrea running an excellent kitchen throughout the show. Margaret and Ingrid assisted with providing freshly prepared sandwiches which were supplied each day directly to the boat crews, face painters, those manning Guinevere, and also the team in the trip boat booking tent.   Each evening the LNBP team retired to the camp site where Boz had prepared an excellent gourmet barbecue which was greatly enjoyed by everyone. Following the success of last year the AGM was held again at the Crick camp site where all who attended also enjoyed and excellent meal.

Putting your feet up by the fire, LNBP style

Putting your feet up by the fire, LNBP style







Unfortunately Dave was unable to be with us this year as he is still convalescing from a knee operation so Nigel came on board Guinevere and set up his position in the front saloon, an arrangement which I think worked very well. As in previous years we had Guinevere open to the public and we had a steady flow of people visit the boat throughout the show.

Meeting members of the public at the show is always very rewarding. We get visitors from a wide spectrum of the community. For a number of people the shows free trip boats are their first introduction to the canals and canal boating and having been on the trip boat they want to see inside a full size boat.   Sometimes people are planning a first time canal holiday and are looking for tips and advice, or they may be looking for ideas to incorporate into a new boat, but others may have a more relevant purpose for their visit.

This year, in addition to the regular Scouts and Guides, (some local to Braunston who were not previously aware of our existence), there were quite a number of people working with groups with special needs, both with young people and with older groups. You simply don’t have any idea of who you will meet next.

Carefully does it!

Carefully does it!








The trip boat operation has become a finely rehearsed act, with Julie and Brendan, very capably, running the trip boat bookings, and our boat crews, as always presenting the public with a very professional image of LNBP resulting in the whole event running like clockwork.

Taking trip boat bookings!







LNBP crew at Crick Boat Show 2015

LNBP crew at Crick Boat Show 2015








I’m certain 2015 Crick Boat Show has been another very successful year for LNBP and with dry weather conditions it was much more enjoyable. The Friday was possibly the most pleasant day with fine warm weather.  However, overall it was excellent show weather, ensuring excellent attendance figured throughout the three days of the show.

Overall I was pleased with the way things went but as always only time will tell exactly how successful we have been



* View pictures of the 2015 Crick Boat Show here, and via the Show’s official gallery here

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