If you have enjoyed a holiday on the canals and inland waterways, you will know what a great experience canal boating can be.  However many do not get the opportunity to appreciate those experiences or even have a short break or holiday anywhere.

This is where LNBP can help and in particular you can by joining us as a member.

If you are a satisfied customer and have perhaps already enjoyed a canal boating holiday and experience with us (or several) with your group or organisation, then why not consider becoming a member of LNBP Community Boating?

All subscriptions of membership to LNBP are credited to the Bursary Fund through which we can subsidise those who are less fortunate than ourselves. For many a trip, overnight stay or weekend break with us is the first holiday they have had and it can introduce them to the joys, great experiences and new horizons that the canals and inland waterways offer.  For many, it is a life-changing experience and opportunity and has led to many become lifelong lovers of the what canal boating can offer.

Think of the impact that can have on someone’s life.

And that is just one benefit of being a member with us.

To find out more and to download and complete an LNBP membership application form, head to our membership section by clicking here