We are always thrilled to hear from the Community Groups, Schools and organised Groups about the boating experience they have enjoyed with us.
One such group was Long Buckby Beavers, who are based in the Northamptonshire village of Long Buckby and not far from our base at Braunston Marina.
Their group leader Jo Grey has kindly been in touch with some photos from their experience with us.
Here’s what they had to say below, plus the pictures say it all

“I cannot thank you all enough for making my little band of Beavers happy.
“We had such a fantastic experience and my Beavers were positively bouncing with excitement & stories. Nigel was amazing in his efforts to accommodate us.
Long Buckby Beavers canal 2
“Despite Long Buckby being close to Whilton, Crick, Braunston and Napton Marinas, I had never been successful in being able to take them on a trip.
“Some of the children were studying canals as a topic at school so it was particularly interesting for them to understand the history & construction of the canal which you can only appreciate ‘hands on’.
“The chaps that took us out were so lovely and patient. They allowed every Beaver to steer (not sure if that’s the right word) the barges & answered the endless questions with a smile and good humour.
“Thank you so much”